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Custom Bracelets

We have the amazing ability to create two types of customizable bracelets; Leather Bracelets and Guatemalan Friendship Bracelets. Browse our selection below and call us with any other customization ideas!


Guatemalan Friendship Bracelets

Authentic Guatemalan Friendship bracelets as popularized in the 1970's. Hand woven by the Mayan peoples known for their weaving mastery for eons. A handmade alternative to the plastic extruded wrist bracelets popularized by the Livestrong Foundation. Inexpensive, unique and makes a statement to support indegenous cultures. Guatemalan products are currently trending as consumers are looking for alternatives to factory made, mass produced goods.


Frienship bracelets come in a myriad of colors and stock designs. Although we can't guarantee an exact Pantone color match, we can get close. Friendship bracelets are great for festivals, concerts, events, inexpensive handouts, and gifts with purchase.


Traditional Style Guatemalan Friendship Bracelets: This is the standard friendship bracelet made of 100% cotton. Tied at the ends with loose strands -- you need a "friend" for assistance to tie on one's wrist, thus the name! Up to 11 letters and spaces in your simple message. Choice of colors. Also available without letters in a choice of colors and designs.
Embroidered Style Guatemalan Friendship Bracelet: Same as the traditional style with the addition of your machine embroidered decoration using modern equipment. The ultimate in a soft, customized friendship bracelet. Provides a wider logo area for more detailed customization.
Wrapped Style Guatemalan Friendship Bracelet: This friendship bracelet is wrapped around a thin plastic band and is less expensive and faster to make. Choose up to 20 letters and spaces in your message plus design elements. Our most economical and popular style of promo bracelet.





Customizable Leather Bracelets



Need and edgy, punk, or leather promotion? Try these authentic custom-made leather bracelets made of thick, pliable leather! Easily screenprinted with your logo or message! Full grain leather with buttons and snaps riveted permanently, then backed with soft leather to hide the rivet backs for comfort. Custom screen print up to 4 spot colors. Additional rivets, spikes, chains, and decorative options available on request.


Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Natural Tan. Color dying available on minimum orders

Sizes: Small/Medium or Medium/Large Widths: 1.0", 1.25", 1.5" and 2.0"




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