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Custom & Promo Footbag Options

When you are looking for quality promotional footbags look no further. A very active promotional item! Official footbags are found in major sporting goods stores -- these are not cheap, throwaway toys. All footbags are hand-sewn and loosely filled for best playability. There are many styles from which to choose. 4-color and multi-panel printing available. Our embroidered stress balls and juggling balls are identical to our EMB footbags except differing fill amounts. Ideal soft gifts that you can't help but squeeze.


Adventure Trading offers a wide variety of custom footbag options. For more information on how to order, please visit our Purchasing Info page.


High quality hand crocheted Guatemalan Footbags with additional embroidery on top. Choice of Cotton or Hemp. You provide artwork or logo which is embroidered directly onto the footbag. Our patented method permits up to a 2 inch embroidered logo in up to 6 different thread colors. Allow 30 business days to complete custom order. Protected by Copyright and US Patent 6,994,642. Click here for more detailed specifications.


Ideal for Corporate Premiums, Private Label Production or Logo Merchandise. Large silk screen logo print area. Hand stitched in durable imitation suede fabric, loosely filled with plastic pellets or sand. Comes in various two color combinations or Pantone requested colors. Click here for more detailed specifications.


Our 5 panel footbag is a quality corporate and promotional premium. This footbag is made with a supple, durable imitation suede ideal for the game of hacky sack; durable enough to last through thousands of hours of play. This is not a throw-away toy. Loosely filled with plastic pellets or sand. Click here for more detailed specifications.


The best value in a paneled Corporate Premium, professional quality footbag. Loosely filled with sand which provides better control for serious footbaggers. Hand stitched using a soft, supple imitation suede. Comes in assorted two color combinations. Nice sized logo area and a top seller. Choice of colors or Pantone color choices. Click here for more detailed specifications


This soft, sand-filled footbag has superb playability characteristics for the softest feel and superior foot control. Good logo area for most messages or Corporate logos. Durable imitation suede in assorted four color combinations or choose your colors or Pantones. Our best selling pro-quality footbag. Click here for more detailed specifications


This 14 panel footbag is one of the more popular professional quality footbags today. It is ideal for performing the most advanced tricks due to loosely filled sand and soft suede type material construction. Durable enough to last thousands of hours of play. It is recommended to select four different fabric colors for an optimal look. Click here for more detailed specifications


Our most intricately constructed footbag made with 32 hand-stitched panels for ultimate footbag control. Made of durable imitation suede and in two color combinations for maximum visibility, or choose your own color combinations. Loosely filled with plastic pellets or sand. Not ideal for large logos due to small logo area, but suitable for simple logos. Click here for more detailed specifications

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